At T & PA Murrays

We’re very proud of our delicatessen. With a full-range of cheeses, cooked meats, and a host of other delicious products, we’re sure that you will be happy with what we have on offer. Take a look at some of our deli products below or pop into our Gloucester Road store to take a look for yourself.

Cheesemaking is an artisan craft, with traditional methods being passed from generation to generation. From the pungent and strong flavours found in brie cheese, to the more mild taste people are used to offered by cheddar, it’s hard not to be a cheese lover, especially with all of the locally sourced options we have on offer.

Local Cheeses

It’s hard to find something to dislike about olives. Not only do they promise a range of health benefits, but these small fruits are also delicious. While they don’t grow very well in the UK, we have a selection of olives from across the Mediterranean, and offer enough choice for any olive-lover to find what they’re looking for.


Cooked Meats

Here at Murrays, we know our meat well, and have a wealth of experience when it comes to cooking and preparing these delights. You can find a selection of cooked ham, poultry, and beef at our deli, and our expert team will be happy to slice them for you. This is perfect as a sandwich filler, or even as the main component of your next meal.


Curing meat is an artform which simply can’t be replicated in a factory. Our pork salami comes in several varieties, all with their own seasoning, curing methods, and choice cuts, and benefit from being hand-made by our expert team of butchers. Paired perfectly with one of our local cheeses, our salami has long been a favourite amongst our customers.

Our scotch eggs are hand-made using local free-range eggs, our own sausage meat, and the care and attention you can expect from all Murrays products. Packed with flavour, scotch eggs can make great packed lunches, though we like to use them to compliment our main meals, too. Pop into our store to give our scotch eggs a try.

Scotch Eggs

From the coast of Cornwall to Forfar Loch, pasties are one of the most popular baked goods across the whole of the UK. Each region has its own twist on these tantalising treats, creating a diverse range of options for you to choose from, and we have it all at Murrays. It’s worth grabbing your pasty while you can; they don’t hang around for long.


Jams & Preserves

Nothing quite makes a piece of toast or a sandwich like a lovingly prepared jam, marmalade, or other preserve. Originally made as a way to keep food fresh, we’ve come a long way since ancient times, and modern examples are all about flavour. Our jams and preserves are locally sourced, and each batch has something unique to offer.

Bread Sticks

Bread sticks provide a great accompaniment for any meal, whether you’re sitting down at a picnic with some sandwiches or pulling up a seat for an extravagant romantic dinner. With options to suit anyone’s tastes, we’re sure you’ll love all of the different bread sticks our deli has to offer.